Information Event


Cella Septichora Visitor Centre


Start: 11:00 2020.08.08.

End: 13:00 2020.08.07.


4100 Ft / person



72 224 755


Zsolnay Örökségkezelő Nonprofit Kft. 7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos út 37.


August 2020

Underground Pécs – walk under the city

Fascinating time travel experience in the historical centre of Pécs. Venture under the ground and discover what the past and present hide. You may explore both the exciting world of the Early Christian burrial chambers as well as the cellar labyrinth of Littke Palace.

The visitors are welcome to wander around the UNESCO World Heritage cemetary complex (Cella Septichora), the 1600 year-old architectural treasures and mural paintings.
The second half of the tour takes place in the cellars of Littke Palace Visitor’s Centre extending on 5 levels under the gorund, where our guests can not only get acquainted with the labyrinth of great historical past, but also with the traditional methods of champagne production. Along the tour flashlights are used at a specific section to make the exploration even more exciting and those who are curious about the tanks used for storing sparkling wines, may even squeese themselves through a tiny doorway to find out about the vast interiors.

Time of the tours: Saturday at 11:00 am
Meeting point and ticketing: Cella Septichora Visitor Centre, Szent István square
Length: about 2 hours

Guaranteed guided tours of the cella system:
• Student, pensioner, teacher: 2600 HUF (without tasting)
• Adult: 4100 HUF (without tasting)
• Single glass tasting: 5000 HUF